February 14, 2008

We have arrived!

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There is really only one word to describe our first couple of days here in Italy… overwhelming!!! The trip itself was not too bad. The time transition has been okay. The trick is to sleep as little as possible on the way over (which we did) and then you are dead tired by the time you get here (which is great, because it is almost bed time with the time change!!!)

Our introduction to European driving nearly caused me to have a heart-attack. We had about 6 close calls on the way to drop Rosco off to his temporary home. Rosco is staying with a very nice couple that already have 3 dogs. They have a huge yard to play in.  Also, the live only ten minutes from where we are staying on base. So, we can visit him often. I miss him already!!!!!!!!!

We picked up our car today. It is nice to see my Mazda again… though we are a little nervous about driving around this place! We ventured off base to get some gas… (40 liters at 1.79 per liter!!) On the way we saw our first group of street dogs. There were two puppies with them digging in the trash and I had to look away. We have been told that we will see this everywhere. It will be tough to ignore their sweet little faces.

Tonight we have Valentine plans to go off base to an Italian restaurant. Hopefully it will be delicious.

As an FYI, we do not have internet access in our room. We are having to come up to a public sitting area to use the internet, so if you need to leave a message, you can do so on our Skype In number. We will get back to you when we can!!



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  1. OMG! Street dogs? ISounds like the adventure has begun! I love the blog and can’t wait to see pics…miss you friend and hope I can make arrangements to come visit this summer!

    Comment by Heather Harris — February 16, 2008 @ 12:10 pm | Reply

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