May 27, 2008

catching up–BEFORE Tuscany (Josh’s trip to Africa (Kenya))

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Josh has been busy travelling for work… and then off we went to Tuscany. I haven’t had a chance to put up some of his pictures from the trip. In true Josh style… even a work trip gets turned in to picture taking. During his stay in Kenya he was able to take a safari and get some great shots!


catching up—BEFORE Tuscany (Anacapri)

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Before Tuscany we went to Anacapri for a day. Anacapri is a town on top of the island of Capri. It is almost 1000 feet above the sea. Before the 19th century, the village could only be reached using 800 steps built by the Greeks. Now there are convenient things called buses! Thank goodness for those. Although, I have to tell you that the roads are so steep and windy… it is a little scary taking the 10 minute ride up the cliff. My heart dropped about five or six times on the ride.

The best thing to note about Anacapri is the chairlift. You can take it from the town to the peak of the island, which is almost 2000 feet above sea! The ride took us about 15 minutes or so…and the view was amazing. I have to tell you though, if you have even the slightest fear of heights..there is no way you could do this. I really don’t have that much concern about height, but my palms were dripping with sweat the whole ride.

May 26, 2008


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I have to begin by apologizing to our past guests… they have definitely not been exposed to Italy. When you visualize Italy, you are thinking of Tuscany. Tuscany is everything I had imagined Italy would be. To all future visitors… you are doing yourself an injustice if you don’t make it up to Tuscany.

We spent the Memorial Day weekend in Pienza.. a city of Tuscany. It is only about three and a half hours from Naples, and a beautiful drive! Rosco was able to come with us, so he enjoyed the getaway too. We stayed at an agritourismo (a farm-like B&B) called Fonte Bertusi. Our ‘apartment’ was very quaint with an incredible view of the Tuscan hills. We will definitely be staying here on our next trip!

The actual town of Pienza was one of our favorites. There were such cute little shops. Tons of wine, cheese, fruit, etc. Our new favorite restaurant (L’Osteria) is also there. The food was so delicious, I can’t even explain. It is worth the drive! For those who know me… food is one of the things in life that makes me very happy…you can get a little slice of heaven just a hop skip and a jump north of Naples.

Another great thing to mention about Tuscany is the wine and olive oil taste testings. We were able to experience a little, but will focus more on those stops on our next visit.

Besides the food, the scenery is so amazing! One of my absolute favorites are the red poppies! They are so vibrant. They are a beautiful orangish-red.  

Here is Rosco taking a rest after a long day of watching dad take pictures.

San Quirico was a town near Pienza. We did some site seeing there as well.

Montalcino was another nearby town. We ate lunch at a little outside cafe two times during our visit. Here are some pictures…

There were many, many more picture opportunities, but Josh did not want to take them because the sky was washed out on a couple of the days. Next time… we will have some more pictures. Hopefully 🙂

We hope to make another trip before the end of summer. Josh is excited about visiting more of the wineries… lucky him— I can be the DD!

May 21, 2008

the Wenker name lives on

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After an hour-long ultrasound of debate… Josh and I found out we are expecting a boy! He almost didn’t show us his identity again, but the picture was undeniable.

An FYI: (because I know the name question is next from most of you) the baby’s middle name has long been decided… but we are continuing to discuss potential first names

May 12, 2008

A happy Mother’s Day

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Last night Josh and I celebrated our expected arrival by having a nice dinner. Josh cooked the meal from scratch! I have the best hubby ever!! The baby and I were very pleased to have eaten an egg, broccoli, goat cheese and bacon frittata along with a yummy salad.

We hope that everyone had a nice day of celebration!!

May 10, 2008

Rosco’s Birthday

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Happy Birthday Rosco… he turns 2 today!! No cupcakes in Italy, so a local treat from a patisseria will have to do. Mmmmmmmmm

May 8, 2008

yes… we did eat here

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For those who don’t know, I like to get real with some fries and a McFlurry every now and then.

Also, here is a link to Lindsey’s facebook album where you can see pics from her trip to London too!

May 4, 2008

LINDSEY: Napoli, Roma, Positano, Sorrento, Capri (whewee!)

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I just took Lindsey and Catie to the airport. What a trip! Lindsey got to experience the true Italian lifestyle, see many places and eat some great food.

Lindsey’s first stop was Napoli of course. Josh treated her to a real Neopolitan pizza on her first night. She discovered that she really liked it… and ate it every day that she was here! Her first full day was spent on a tour of Naples. We jumped on the “Original Tour Bus” (a double decker with a guide) and went around historical downtown. We got a bit sun burned that day… note to self: if riding around on top of a bus… bring sunscreen!    (Remember you can click on each picture to make it larger)

Lindsey spent her second day in Rome. We took the 2 hour train ride up and watched the beautiful Italian country side roll by…… wait a second!—-Lindsey slept the whole way!!!! She woke upon our arrival in to Rome 🙂 Our first stop……lunch! The pregnant lady needs to eat! We found the most quaint bistro with the most perfect view–the Colosseum! I got a yummy lasagne, and Lindsey got pizza. The night beofre Josh had schooled her on how to eat a pizza Italian style. Here is a picture after I scolded her for picking a slice up with her hands…she says “oooops!”.

After lunch we went over to the Colosseum. I have to say, this is one of my favorite sites to see in Rome. It is such an amazing structure. You can imagine the games that used to take place there such a long time ago. Our next stop wasTrevi Fountain. It was so crowded that we only spent a short amount of time there.

We walked over to the Spanish Steps from Trevi. This is kind of like Where’s Waldo. And… it’s only May! See if you can find Lindsey!!!

Next we went over to the Pantheon and a few more piazzas after that. In total we were able to see 6 or 7 sites in one day! We were on a mission!!! On our train ride back we enjoyed the sunset…… I mean I…… Lindsey was snoozing again!!!

After our long day in Rome, Catie flew in that night. We spent some time chatting with her and went to bed. The next day Josh took off work and we all went to Positano and Sorrento. Positano was certainly interesting. Very beautiful with windy roads and cliffs. There was absolutely no place to park, so we basically ate lunch, enjoyed the view, and headed to Sorrento.

In Sorrento we walked around for a little bit, but our main goal was to eat some gelato. Yum! Here are some pictures of Sorrento.

Lindsey and Catie’s last full day was spent in Capri… an Island off of Naples. Amanda Murray joined us for the day trip. Josh had to leave on a work trip to Africa, so he missed out this time 😦 We left from the port of Naples on a hydrofoil boat that took us to the island. As soon as we arrived, we jumped in line for the Blue Grotto tour. A speed boat took us to the site (about a 30 minute ride). There we waited our turn for the small rowboats to come get us. When we got in the rowboat, we qued up for entrance in to the cave. It was certainly an experience! You have to wait for the tide to go down so you can shimmy the boat through the small hole. Once inside, the water is very very very blue. It is beautiful! The time was short in there (about 10 minutes) but worth it.

After the BG, we ate lunch in a cafe at the marina. Soon after we were on our way up to the town of Capri. Wow, it was neat! I can’t wait to go back and expolre some more.

Lindsey and Catie’s trip seemed very short, but we did get to see a lot of sites. Hopefully they will get to see even more the next time around. Lindsey’s next trip will be at Christmas… when her new niece or nephew is here! I also forgot to mention that Lindsey got to come with us to my latest ultrasound appointment. The first thing the baby did on the screen was wave. It was pretty cute. AND…. the baby was shy..the legs would not open for us to have a peek. So, no word yet on the sex of the baby. My next appointment is at the end of May, so we should definitely know by then!

Here is a link to view all of the pictures from Lindsey’s visit (it is taking forever to upload all of them on this blog!)¬ag=1

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