July 21, 2008

“what were the sunbathers supposed to do?”

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Be forewarned… this is an appalling Neapolitan (Naples) tragedy that has been captured by the media. I am sharing it because the attitude of the sunbathers and photographers absolutely disgusts me. This is a prime example of how many of the Italians here in Naples brush things off.

*Roma are a band of gypsies here in Naples.

The article:


The video feed:



July 19, 2008

Congrats to Catherine & Sam!

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Baby Kesler was born yesterday! Josh and I are so happy for them!

Cameron Lily Kesler

July 13, 2008

this is why we love Freakshow

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This is part of the Kesler baby gift that Josh and I sent to Sam and Catherine. I would expect nothing less.

July 3, 2008

Mexican Dinner Night

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Last Saturday Josh and I had some friends over for a Mexican themed dinner. It was delicious! We do not have access to a variety of foods here, so we made it ourselves. Here are some pictures of our friends… (Laura and Heidi are both pregnant as well. Laura is due in August and Heidi is due the day after me!)

Karl & Laura         Heidi & Carl   

Laura, Me, Amanda & Heidi

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