March 20, 2008

Germany…(day 6)

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Not a whole lot of new information to report… it snowed a lot last night (4 or 5 inches). It is really fluffy, powdery snow. Again, Josh would love to be snowboarding down the mountain right now.

Last night and the night before we went to dinner with some of the people that Josh works with and their wives. It was nice to finally meet some of the people that are stationed with us in Italy. The first night was good, but last night was better. They had amazing desserts there 🙂 I am a sucker for apple strudel and homemade ice cream.

Tomorrow we head back to Italy. I’m not exactly looking forward to the day-long journey, but I bet it will be pretty seeing the snow-covered Alps on our train ride(s).

For now, I’m going to brave the retirement home food again… 😦 I’m feeling lazy about hiking down into town in the snow.


March 18, 2008

Germany… (day 4)

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Well, Josh wanted to play hooky from school today… it has been snowing since late yesterday afternoon. He would much rather go snowboarding in the Alps. It’s like dangling candy in front of a baby. Too bad…..he has to sit in the conference all day. Me, I don’t snowboard…so I’ll probably just walk around and grab some lunch today.

I made the mistake yesterday of eating lunch here at the retirement home cafeteria… yuck! What a waste of money. I vowed not to eat there again. Last night Josh and I tried a local Greek restaurant. It was okay…until the gyros came out. It was a huge plate of meat and onions..not exactly what we had expected. We are used to getting a big fluffy pita with lots of yummy toppings..not so much. Oh well, live and learn.

March 16, 2008

…Germany (2)

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Well, Josh and I found out why dinner ends at such an early time in the evening… we are staying at a retirement home (ha ha ha). We figured it out after breakfast this morning. Everyone that attended the meal was in a wheel chair or walker. Also, I wanted to check out the spa services…but they include: medicine bath, lymph drainage, inhalation services, etc. Not exactly what I was hoping for to say the least. The first 2 floors are a retirement/nursing quarters, and the top 2 floors are hotel rooms. Kind of crazy. The good thing is that it is very quiet around here.

We went out exploring today for a few hours. The bad thing…everything was closed because it is Sunday. No shops are open. We wandered around town looking at the buildings and had lunch at a cafe. It started to drizzle in the last hour we were out, so the day was cut a bit short. (take a look at the pics from today below)  Oh, also you will see a couple of pics with the goats… they were escaping from their little farm out into the road. At first 10 of them swarmed Josh b/c they thought his backpack was food (I wish I had a picture of that b/c it was really funny when they were biting his legs).

We went to dinner again at Maximilian. Already the waiters recognized us. The food was awesome again. Josh tried the meat and potatoes house dish and I went with a yummy risotto. No dessert tonight… we would be 500 lbs. by the time we left here if we got dessert each night!

Tomorrow Josh reports to work at his conference. We’ll see what I do…






March 15, 2008

Planes, Trains & Autos…. well, auto.. plane & trains in our case

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We finally made it to Germany! What a journey it has been. We left Naples this morning, caught a flight to Munich, and then took 3 trains to end up in our final destination of Oberammergau. Nestled at the foothills of the Alps is the picturesque town. It is famous for its exquisite wood carving tradition. The village is home of approximately 100 woodcarvers. We will definitely be taking home a keepsake.

After our tiring trip….all day long!…. we went to dinner at a hotel down the street from us (our hotel stops serving dinner at 7:00 😦 ) The restaurant was called Maximilian. They have fantastic food! Hot bread with beer cheese, pork and lamb, sauerkraut, potatoes, and apple pancakes with ice cream (this sums up what Josh and I had). Josh tried two of the strong house beers that nearly knocked him out. We will definitely be going back there before the end of the week.

We haven’t had the chance to experience too much yet. We are getting ready for bed at this point… but we will have pictures up by tomorrow night.

Mmmmmmm….. they have yummy waffles and crepes for breakfast 🙂

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